The Alpenland Tänzer growing!  
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2011 Kindergruppe

Alpenland Tänzer Kindergruppe 2011



Alpenland Tänzer Kindergruppe 2007


Alpenland Tänzer Kindergruppe 2001

Donau Club, 2001

Donau Club, 2001  (possible future members of The Alpenland Tänzer Skat Players and Spaten Drinkers Association?) 

Erika and Justin,  6 Flags 2001

Justin and Brian get airborne during Benchdance!  Katie and Kelly are impressed.  6 Flags 2001

Kinderfest in Pennsylvania. 2001

Kinderfest 2001 hosts. Thanks again for a great, fun event!

Our Kindergruppe was well represented at the Kinderfest 2001!

Kindergruppe in action at Kinderfest 2001

Niki, and John accept award for the Kindergruppe having traveled the furthest to attend the 2001 Kinderfest.

Kindergruppe Partying with Bavarian Bugs, 6 Flags 2000

Kindergruppe in Action, Elmwood 99

Steven, Erika, Gary, Lisa, Elmwood 99 ... Nice Bells Girls!

Maria, Jonathan, and Becky, Elmwood 99

Kindergruppe al Fresco, Stanley Park 99

Alpenland Tänzer Kindergruppe - 1998

The Beginning...Alpenland Tänzer Kindergruppe - 1990

The Kindergruppe perform in authentic Tracht.  If you are interested in having the Alpenland Tänzer Kindergruppe perform at your event, please contact:  

Kindergruppe organizers – Barbara Hartig (860)347-0366, or Vorplattler – John Aston (860)589-5614.



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